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              BODY PRAYER:


You've probably heard that your body is a "sacred temple", but do you believe it? More importantly, does your body believe it? Let's get specific: do you believe that your genitals are sacred? Do you believe that the organs in your pelvic bowl are worthy of love and attention, that the pleasure that they can give us is holy, uplifting, healing and life-affirming? 


We've all been subjected to a sex-negative culture, a culture that has filled our bodies with shame with regard to sex and sexual pleasure. Out beautiful, basic Erotic impulses have been denied by centuries of religious and cultural attempts to control our bodies. Our desires are "impure", our genitals are "dirty", "private", our touch "sinful" or simply, "wrong". 


BODY PRAYER is a practice that can help us de-armor our genitals and recognize their inherent sacred nature. Body Prayer welcomes the holiness that is at the center of the pleasure our genitals can give us. In a Body Prayer session, together with the practitioner, you will be invited to use breath, words and ritualized touch to focus attention on those parts of your body that give you erotic pleasure. With the practitioner's touch, your own touch, or a combination of both, you will be welcomed to verbalize affirmations, petitions or prayers of thanksgiving to your body, affirming its rightful place in your experience of Erotic ecstasy. 

As a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker, I specialize in the practice of Body Prayer and offer it as a special feature of my offerings, or as a part of the practice that you may desire (see the 'About' menu page). 


Sessions may include:

  • prayerful body scans (a body-based mindful meditation)

  • prayerful body scans with touch

  • guided erotic touch with Body Prayer

  • masturbation coaching with Body Prayer

  • erotic massage with Body Prayer

It is not necessary for a client to hold any religious belief to experience a Body Prayer Session! Prayer pre-dates organized religion by centuries (eons?!) and is a natural human response to connect to the spiritual, however the person defines spirituality. After years of study and practice, it seems to me that sex and spirituality are natural partners in our lives. But the type of prayer I offer is not "God-centered". They are Body-centered prayers, words of affirmation and healing TO and FOR our bodies, with special emphasis on reclaiming the sacred nature of the erotic pleasure we experience in our core.

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