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My Sexual Manifesto

(In the following statement, I define Eros as the sexual life-force that we energize through our practice as Somatic Sex Educators. Eros is not a god/goddess, and it is not a religious or philosophical concept. But it has deep connections to spirituality: the ineffable, the transcendent, the unknowable.)

I believe in Eros.

I believe in the power of Eros to transform, to enliven, to engage, to bind, to create, to excite and to heal.

I believe in the energy of Eros which can flow through the Body and touch the Spirit, bringing Body and Spirit together as one.

I believe that Eros moves through every Body and that every Body deserves pleasure, sensation and its presence in fullness.

I believe that Eros is holy and that every Body it touches is made holy.

I believe that Eros should be given a Sacred Time and a Sacred Place in every Body’s life and that the practice of living in Eros will bring joy, fulfillment, energy and light to every Body.

I believe that living in Eros is a way of Life that makes it possible to confront and heal trauma.

I believe in the uncontrollability of Eros, that ultimately it is not ours to direct, to move or to change.

I believe that Eros is experienced and expressed in highly individual ways that we must respect and honor within the Body/Spirit of each person who requests our loving presence.

I believe that Eros is blind to sexualities, genders, races, abilities and age; it is limitless in its ability to affect every Body that breathes.

I believe that Eros, like water, will find its own level within every Body and that we should strive to never get in the way of, or try to stop, its natural flow.

I believe that Eros can be freely given in a multitude of ways and at every level of human life.

I believe that Eros is best given consciously, with purpose and intention.

I believe that Eros, once received, always seeks the good.

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