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·      General sex counseling, with a specialty in addressing male issues and concerns

·      Confronting shame and sexual trauma
·      Exploring the connection between Tantric breath practices and enhanced sexual function
·      Masturbation coaching and pleasure mapping
·      Application of mindfulness-based techniques to sexual practice
·      Addressing sex and disability

·      Taoist erotic massage (within the context of a broader plan of healing)
·      Addressing ED, early ejaculation, and other male issues
·      Exploration and engagement of the pelvic floor

·      Issues and concerns of gay seniors
·      Creation of erotic rituals through an understanding of sacred sexuality

       Body Prayer: reclaiming the sacred and de-armoring genitals from sex negativity and shame

       Establishing a mindful erotic practice in your daily life

      *Please note that although I specialize in male issues, my practice is open to all genders!

After initial contact with the practitioner, he will arrange a 30-minute intake interview by phone or Zoom (free of charge) and together you will determine your needs. A counseling and training program of at least three sessions will then be scheduled to help you achieve your desired outcomes. The first of these three sessions will typically include more discussion of goals as well as exercises surrounding the significance and meaning of touch to establish trust in the practitioner/client relationship Understanding of boundaries and consent are essential to this work. 

Sessions between you and the practitioner are done in a safe, comfortable space, for your information and for your education. During all sessions, your safety is paramount and confidentiality is assured. 

Somatic sex education is not psychotherapy or medical treatment. Touch will be given only at the request of the client and solely for the client’s own benefit and education.



  • 30-minute intake and informational session (FREE: this session is mandatory prior to subsequent sessions and work with the practitioner)

  • Single session: $100 (a session is approximately 60 to 90 minutes)

  • Erotic massage: $150

  • Three session package: $275 

  • Speaking engagements: $150

  • Leader/facilitator communal mindful erotic practice: $20 per person, 1-hour session

  • Group workshops, 1-day: $75 per person (please contact Nic for specifics)

  • Group workshops, 2-day (weekend): $150 per person (please contact Nic for specifics) 



Based in San Diego, CA

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